Omega Watches: Your Watches With Accuracy And Precision

Wristwatches are investments. They are one of the essential devices that are usable on a day-to-day basis. It is crucial for those who value time and find it necessary to be in their respective appointments without getting late. Hence, wristwatches are genuine investments. In this modern era, time is precious. Each passing minute matters to every individual differently. However, who wouldn’t want to make it to their appointments on time or even a few minutes early? Every person does. Thus, even in ancient times, watches play an essential role in making this happen. From pocket watches to eventually becoming wristwatches, the timepieces industry continues to flourish. The world came to know of various brands that produce high-quality and elegant watches. One of which is Omega. Omega watches have a variety to choose from. 

Omega’s Humble Beginnings

Throughout history, Omega maintained the accuracy and precision that the brand initially offered. Thus, the new Omega womens watch would surely be a delight for various women all over the world. Louis Brandt founded the Omega brand. He started at a workshop in La Chaux De Fonds in Switzerland. Years later, the brand could build a reputation for its accuracy and precision. When Brandt passed away, his two sons took over the company and continued to innovate and produce high-quality timepieces that are still in demand even in the modern world today.

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Ranging from moon explorations to features in movies, the Omega brand made a name in the watches’ history. But that’s not what makes Omega watches stand out amongst others. From their humble beginnings, Omega watches proved their accuracy and precision as a reliable timepiece. 

Before the moon expeditions, several watches from different brands were put to the test to ensure that the watches intended for the astronauts can withstand extreme conditions in outer space. Omega stood out among the rest. Over time, Omega watches continued to prove themselves, standing by what they became known for. Aside from their accuracy and precision, Omega watches also display unique styles that would suit each individual’s preference when it comes to wristwatches.

Omega’s Famous Collections

The Omega Speedmaster is the collection that Omega is best known for. Indeed, intended for sports, and this watch first landed on the moon. The eleven astronauts each had the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph. The watch features manual movement and period-correct plexiglass. 

Following the Omega Speedmaster is the Omega Seamaster. These watches came out in James Bond movies. Aside from its features in that movie, the Omega Seamaster is the best choice for diving experts. In the horology community, these watches are well-respected.

Another one is the Omega Railmaster. These watches offer themselves explicitly to those who work closely with strong magnetic fields and electric current. During that time, it is a common belief that strong magnetic fields often cause the watches to turn inaccurate. Hence, these watches have Faraday cages, thus becoming part of the anti-magnetic watches available in the market.

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Omega Watches: Women Collections

Omega watches promise accuracy and precision and exhibits excellent styles and designs when it comes to their watches. Hence, both men and women would find an incredible variety of watches to choose from. 

Especially for women, these watches would surely catch your attention:

  1. Omega De Ville Prestige Automatic Women’s Watch

This watch’s sleek and stylish display is ideal for that type of sophistication you are looking for. It has a stainless steel bracelet that has rose gold links of eighteen karats. It gives any woman a luxurious feel when wearing this watch. As with all Omega watches, you can assure that this watch is durable, allowing you to have a valuable timepiece in your hands for a long time. Additionally, this watch has a well-protected crystal and is also water-resistant.

  1. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Diamond Women’s Watch

this timepiece exudes versatility and glamour. It has a crocodile pattern strap and a Mother of Pearl dial with diamonds. As part of the Seamaster series, this watch is water-resistant. It can withstand up to 150m. This watch is suitable when you go swimming and snorkeling.

  1. Omega De Ville Tresor Quartz Women’s Watch

this watch displays both a modern and conservative appearance. This is suitable for all women that have various styles and preferences in fashion. The strap is of blue leather and has a diamond-set stainless steel bezel. It promises precise timekeeping with its engine of 4061 quartz movement. Additionally, it is perfect for recreational swimming because of its water-resistance.

  1. Omega Seamaster Automatic-Self-Wind Women’s Watch
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this watch boasts an eighteen-karat yellow gold strap and has a diamond bezel. The dial is of Mother of Pearl and has a sapphire crystal face. Moreover, it has a date function and has a water resistance of 150 m.

  1. Omega Constellation automatic-Self-Wind Women’s Watch

this watch features an eighteen-karat rose gold casing, giving it a luxurious appearance. It has a white alligator strap and Supernova diamond dial. Furthermore, it is water-resistant up to 100m. This watch can endure for a long time. 

  1. Omega Constellation Automatic-Self-Wind Female Watch

this timepiece is of rose gold with eighteen carats, to be exact. It has a Supernova diamond dial. Furthermore, it has a water-resistance of 30m.


Omega watches proved themselves throughout history. Therefore, why miss out on having one of the most sought-after watches? You will surely enjoy wearing one of these watches and have a valuable accessory that offers more than just a fashionable accessory.

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