New Update To The Bing Search Adds Videos, Lyrics And Video Previews When Searching Music

For a long while, Microsoft has been putting endless efforts to make its Andriod apps interesting as well as updated! Bing is clearly a proof of its effort. A while ago, Bing was updated and the updates bring to light some new features.

Bing logo

When making a search on Bing, you can now watch a preview of videos right from the search results with the sound off. After making a music search, you can as well tap on videos to watch them alongside lyrics. Apart from all feature I’ve mentioned, there is a new and improved way of finding videos related to the one you’re watching.

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Its mobile app was not left out of the update; for the android homepage, a music shortcut has been added and improvements were made on the live camera search.
Update on bing search

Below is a summary of “what’s new” on Bing

Camera search: with the update, the camera search feature now allows zoom, flash as well as the front facing camera.
Music: With the Music shortcut that adds to the homepage, its a lot easier to follow up trending songs and equally find trending artists. You can now search for any song that’s playing or better still type in the name of the song in the search bar, then get to play the video while singing along with the lyrics.
Video preview: The update adds an automatical playing previews with the sound off to video search.
Related video: When watching any video, you will see suggestions of videos that are related to the ones you’re watching.

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