Use This Built Two-Knife Auto-Chopper to Cut Your Vegetables

Chopping your own vegetables can often be a tedious chore, so why don’t you make it automatic? That is apparently the question that Simone Giertz asked herself. The result is a truly flawless design that would be at home in any kitchen.

Building off her great success with a robot that can prepare an entire breakfast with flourish, Giertz rigged up this chopping machine with little more than a pair of kitchen knives, an Arduino Nano, a metal framework, and a pair of motors. You can read about the process in depth on her blog (and watch it tackle some other vegetables here) but the results really speak for themselves:

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We can’t wait to see what Giertz is up to next, but how do you improve on perfection?

Source: Simone Giertz via Digg

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