Neat Macbook Features You May Not Know

Macbooks are quite popular nowadays. More and more people go with Macs as their go-to choice for computers. Lightweight and durability mean that you can take the laptop together with you and not worry too much about logistical problems.

However, if someone makes a switch from Windows, they may find that readjusting will take a while. Moreover, Macbooks have some features that might surprise some people. This article will cover these features, so be sure to read it.

Feature #1 – Sidecar

The apple sidecar feature is great for those who have an iPad in addition to Macbook. You may find that having just Mac’s screen may not be enough if you want to view multiple applications. Or maybe there is another person who wants to watch the same thing as you? Giving them an iPad that is connected to the Macbook will provide such an opportunity.

It is also worth mentioning that graphic designers can turn their iPad into a tablet and use it to draw while seeing the result on the Macbook’s screen. 

Feature #2 – Digital Signatures

Digital signatures save time, especially when you have to deal with multiple documents throughout the day. You can simplify the process of printing the document, signing on it, and then scanning it to send the document back.

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Launch Preview app and open a PDF document on it. Click the Signature tab and pick the option to create a new signature. 

You can add signatures using the trackpad, iPhone, or a piece of paper and the Macbook’s camera. Once you save the signature on the computer, you can add it again using the same Preview app.

Feature #3 – Spotlight

Spotlight continues to receive new features, yet some Macbook users still do not make the most out of what the application offers.

You have a multi-functional tool that allows people to do calculations and currency conversions as well as find apps, documents, and other files you need. Lastly, if you implement Siri suggestions, you can also receive the most recent news, weather forecasts, and sports results.

Feature #4 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts should not be a new gimmick to people who have used computers in the past. However, when it comes to Macbooks, there is more than just Control + C and Control + V.

For example, if you want to take screenshots, you will need to use Command + Shift + 4 and Command + Shift + 3. The former is for capturing the whole screen, whereas the latter is to capture a particular part of the screen.

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Option + Command + Delete is also useful if you want to delete files permanently. Some Macbook owners forget to empty the Trash Bin, and that tends to cause some performance issues. But if you delete files permanently right away, then they will not remain idle in the Trash. 

Feature #5 – Safari Picture-in-Picture

You must have heard about picture-in-picture mode, right? Well, it just so happens that the default Macbook browser Safari also has it. 

If you want to have a video in the background while doing other tasks, such as taking notes, right-click on a video twice, and it will show you a menu to enable picture-in-picture.

It is worth noting that not all video platforms work the same. While YouTube should not cause any issues, other websites might. If that happens, click on the audio icon in the browser’s toolbar. Safari will bring up the feature.

Feature #6 – Word Definitions

You may read an article that has too many unknown words or phrases. And switching tabs to access an online dictionary is disruptive. The same can be said about constantly checking a physical dictionary on your desk.

Thankfully, if you are on a Macbook, you can skip third-party sources for definitions and instantly look up word meaning. Highlight words or phrases you want more info on and hit the Command + Control + D keys. A dictionary-like pop-up will give you a definition, synonyms, and even word origins. 

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Feature #7 – Emojis From Keyboard

Emojis have become a popular method to get your message across to others. Whether you are serious or just messing around, including an emote here and there can liven things up quite a bit.

You can access emojis via Character Viewer. Launch the application and double-click on a special character that you want to insert in a text. 

Feature #8 – Granular Volume Adjustments

If you are unhappy with default volume adjustments, why not change the way you adjust it? To make the volume increments smaller, click and hold down Option + the up arrow. The shortcut will bring up the Sound box where one has the option to adjust the volume of applications in a more granular way. 

You may find that listening to music, podcasts, or watching videos on YouTube is more enjoyable when you manage to find the perfect sound level.

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