NCC Says Internet Users In Nigeria Has Reduced Again To 92 Million

According to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), there has been a further reduction of users of Nigeria’s telecommunication networks to 92,409,962 as at late March, 2016.
This was made know to the public in a monthly internet subscriber data that was given to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).
Internet Users In Nigeria Reduced
In the breakdown of the data, it was found out that internet users on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication  and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) has drastically reduced by 1,340,668.
Furthermore, it was discovered that 93,750,630 subscribers used the internet in the month of February, but only 92,409,962 did in March.
In the month of March, there was a total of 92,285,052 internet users on the GSM networks and it was recorded that MTN had only 33,356,595 customers who browsed on its network.
Also, MTN recorded  35,604,370 users in the month of February but at the end of March, the company lost 2,247,775 internet subscribers. While Globacom (GLO) had a total of 25,684,837 subscribers in the month of February but at the end of March, they had only 26,530,420 customers who surfed the net and hence lost 845,583.

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Airtel was not left out as they recorded an increase of 75,535 in internet subscribers compared to their previous record in February while Etisalat gained a total of 11,204 internet users in the month of March.

Activities of other network providers such as Multi-links and Visafone were also recorded; 

Visafone had 149,953 users in February but at end of March, they recorded 124,768. Thereby losing 25,185

Multi-links had 172 internet users in February and by March, they had 142 users. Thereby losing 30 customers.

With this analytic, you will find out that there is a serious reduction in Internet users and with this, we can never reach the 30 per cent broadband penetration by 2018. I believe network providers can make things easier for customers, what do you think?

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