MTN Users Step In And Get 4 Times The Value Of Your Recharge With MTN “Awoof Brekete”

People of Nigeria! Do you still need an invitation? MTN has joined Aisha Buhari and is now in the #TheOtherRoom. In this room, there is no free Wi-Fi but something interesting.

MTN Awoof Bonus

“It’s 4X The Value Of Your Recharge”

Glad to break it to you guys; this ain’t any scam nor Ponzi scheme but an AWOOF!

Here is a teaser – if you load 100 Naira with MTN Awoof Brekete you will get slapped with 100 Naira 4 times, giving you a sim balance of 400 Naira.

So if you have an abandoned MTN SIM; maybe the one you hid under your grandma’s pillow. If you love “better thing”, dash into her room like Temple run and grab that prodigal SIM.

Now, let me explain how the AWOOF Brekete works.

How Do You Subscribe To MTN Awoof

1. Make a minimum recharge of N100 using this code: *888*PIN#

For example, I loaded mine like this *888*7803963031190092#

In case you were wondering if that is free recharge card – No It isn’t!

Sorry, I’ve already loaded that, maybe I’ll start sending recharge cards to my favourite commenter. ** Very soon**

Now how does this AWOOF work?

It’s simple….

If you recharge 100 Naira, you will get 400 Naira. That’s 4X your recharge and 300 Naira bonus.

If you recharge 200 Naira, you will get 800.

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If you recharge 400 Naira, you will get 1600.

If you recharge 750 Naira, you will get 3000.

Note that when you dial the code above. MTN actually deducts the amount of airtime you recharged and in return, hit you with 400 % of that recharge.

Also keep in mind that when I mean account balance in this case, I mean Awuf4U account.

It’s a balanced account that records how much you’ve been given as awoof.

Here is a brief highlight of MTN Awoof Brekete

1. Call rates within the country are charged at 45K/s and 27 Naira per minute.

2. Call rates outside the country (International calls) are charged at 66k per second

3. Awoof Bonus gotten from a recharge of 100 Naira or 200 Naira will expire after 14 days.

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4. Awoof Bonus gotten from recharge above 200 Naira will expire after 30 days.

5. You are allowed to make calls and send SMS to other networks.

Still having difficulties? No problem.

Kindly drop your question in the comment box and I will reply you asap. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter in order to get much more Awoof from MTN and other networks.

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