Meet Mokase – The Strange Smartphone Case That Makes Coffee

After a day of hard work, something to keep the mouth wet is the next thing that comes to mind right?

Often times we get disappointed when we can’t go to a coffee shop or we just can’t find any sign of coffee.

So so disappointing!

Mokase Smartphone case

Then I remembered the saying “in every disappointment comes blessings

So, man of little faith, have some faith! Because Technologically, we’re blessed.

I want you to meet Mokase, one of the strangest phone cases you will ever see – it doubles as an Espresso Machine.

With a perfect combination of our love for smartphone and our love for Coffee (for those who love coffee), this bizzare phone case should excite you.

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How Does Mokase Work?

The Mokase is a heat-proof phone case which holds a drink inside and allows users to make a coffee via an app.

A thin coffee capsule fits inside the custom case which contains the beans and water required to make a delicious shot of java.

By pressing a button on the Mokase app this opens and flows through a hole in the case – which warms the drink with its built-in heating system.

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The brains behind the product, Naples-based company Smart K, said:

Mokase is the first multi-utility cover that supplies espresso coffee whenever and wherever you want with a simple system of disposable wafer, that makes your smartphone unique.

So, if it happens you can’t get through the day without a coffee in hand, then this new contraption could allow you to pour yourself a cup on the go.

Mokase on Samsung

Loving it already? So Like How Much Does Mokase Cost?

Uh uh uh…. (Coughing)

If some one had told you in a dream that such a thing existed, would you expect it to cost a pea nut?

Honestly, this stuff ain’t cheap. It is expected to retail at £67 ($87). ie. Over 30,000 Naira.

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Strange, bizzare, call it what ever you want. Beside the price, this phone case is a YEAH for me. Maybe it could get me a hot chick like the one in the video.

Phone Case That Cannot Make Coffee, Is That One Phone Case?


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