Jumpstart Your Productivity With These 5 Mobile Apps

It is all the same, whether you are working from home or in a typical office environment, your main goal is to be productive. Sometimes that can be hardly achievable especially when usual distractors are taken into consideration. They can really mess up your concentration which will ultimately affect your productivity in long-term. Distractors can be found everywhere around you.


They can be disguised as YouTube videos you watch and constantly tell yourself “just one more and I’m done”, but it never is “just one more”, right? Furthermore, social media can be a big distractor like Twitter wisdom, Instagram and Facebook posts you are checking your phone for. Even occasional chatting with your colleagues you meet in the hallway can take a lot of your valuable time.

We can agree that the list of possible distractions is endless, but there is a solution if you want to work productive, finish everything planned for the day and still have a little time left for occasional chat or a YouTube video. Mobile apps can help you achieve maximum productivity and concentration without much effort from your side. The following 5 apps will definitely jumpstart your productivity, so follow along.

PDF to Word Converter with OCR

This one is a no banner. If you are dealing with a lot of PDF documents on a regular basis, this app should be installed on your phone. When the need to edit a PDF document comes, you could either retype the whole document or use this app and save a lot of valuable time in the process.

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With it, you can effortlessly convert PDF files to MS Word format for easy editing later. It allows you to convert documents directly from your phone, Gmail attachments or files from supported cloud services. A recent update brought a document scanner to the app, meaning that scanned documents can be converted as well.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS and Android

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Clockify is one of the best time tracking apps available on the market. It allows you to track how much time you spent on certain activities and it can also show you detailed data on how long it took you to complete certain tasks, activities, and projects.

This could be a great motivator, as you watch seconds build up, you will dedicate your full attention to finishing that task faster instead of letting different things distract you. You can also create reports based on time spent on certain activities.

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Price: Free
Available on: iOS and Android


There are plenty of inbox management apps available, but Boomerang simply works better than the rest. It integrates seamlessly with Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail, Outlook, Exchange, Android devices and it has over 2 million active users.

The app has all the regular and well-known features other inbox management app has and a few unique extra ones. For example, you have an option to write an email and then schedule it to send at the time suits you the most.

Also, you will be able to receive receipts as well as to pause inbox, meaning you can stop incoming emails.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS and Android

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If you wish to put away your smartphone and stop letting it distract you and pull you away from work than this app is for you. The idea is pretty simple, you set a time frame and you grow a virtual tree on your phone during the set period of time (you can’t use the phone during the growing process), if you leave the app while a timer is still running your tree will whiter.

When your tree is fully grown you can plant it in your virtual garden and over time you can create a virtual forest. There’s even an option to plant a real tree with the app and help protect the environment.

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Available on: iOS ($1.99) and Android (Free)


It is one of the most popular productivity apps available. Whatever feature you can think of and that would be useful for note-taking, Evernote already has it. There are plenty of amazing options and features, but we will name just a few notable ones.

There is the ability to add photo, video, and audio files to your notes, there is a built-in business card scanner and there is even a support for handwriting in the notes.

Everything is automatically backed up to a cloud and accessible on various devices and operating systems. Mobile versions of the apps have a one-button creation option for fast note taking.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS and Android

These apps are specifically developed to save you time, help you concentrate and lover outside distractions. In case we forgot to mention some of your favorite productivity apps, please let us know in the comment section.

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