Make A Smart Internet Choice Today By Choosing Spectranet

Gone are the days when we would sit and watch our slow networks load.

I work in a cyber company, a long lasting a cheap internet subscription has kind of been a problem, so i decided to search for a network that beats the network we are currently using . Luckily, I found something good and really cool. Its Spectranet and it definitely beats all offers made by other network providers in Nigeria.

A smart and fast network connection, that would save you a lot of bucks and would definitely save your time.

Talking about price and speed, the Spectranet brand has a lead, it’s been here but many of us probably never knew.

Spectranet has actually saved the day, providing a 4G LTE at an affordable price when compared to other competitors in the network system.

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Here is how it works; with Ten thousand Naira, a Spectranet subscriber will joyfully enjoy 20GB along side free night browsing, thats not all. 10GB bonus is given to all subscribers every month.

You will quite agree with me that 20GB will definitely cost another subscriber on a different network for Sixteen thousand Naira.

There is more in getting a bigger data plan. As a Spectranet subscriber, you can purchase 50GB data with twenty thousand naira while the same 50GB cost thirty six thousand on a different network.

Am currently writing a letter of request to my boss, I want a spectranet. So if you’re the boss of a firm, Kindly opt-in to Spectranet and get the best from your business.

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Below is a table containing their data and price variation.

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