LG V10 Has Been Added To List Of Android Phones Supporting AT&T WiFi Calling

You will very much agree with me that there are over a “bazillion” number of Android devices on the market and despite a large number of devices released by different manufacturers, only a few number of these devices support Wi-Fi calling on AT&T. LG G4was actually the first android device privileged and allowed to use the AT&T Wi-Fi calling.
AT&T Wifi Calling
Aside the LG G4, the few number of devices that supported AT&T WiFi calling were a couple of iPhone models, two other LG phones and some recent Samsung Flagships. Now, the LG V10 is officially joining the list and owners will receive this new feature alongside a software update.

In reality, the update having which has a built number of MRA58K does include the new Android Nougat update and will include just the WiFi calling.
The update completes download at about 368MB, if you’ve not received the update yet, kindly go to the Update Center on the LG V10’s About Phone Settings menu.

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