LG Tone+ Bluetooth Stereo Headset to Launch at CES 2016

LG Tone+ Bluetooth Stereo Headset
LG has good plans in stock for the CES 2016 trade show, and have began showing upcoming products (such as new smart TVs with webOS 3.0) earlier this month.
The electronics company has just announced that it will release the LG Tone+ also known as LG Tone Plus Bluetooth stereo headset at the consumer electronics show in January. The headset will be made available for sale in some selected regions starting February 2016, but for the moment, the exact specifications or price tag have not been provided.

According to the company’s blog post, the LG Tone+ Bluetooth headset is made with an enhanced slim and lightweight design. Just like the Tone Infinim, that was launched by LG last year, the LG Tone Plus has been designed in collaboration with Harman Kardon.

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The company claims that the LG Tone Plus features a Bluetooth stereo headset which offers Advanced Quad Layer diaphragm, producing a rich bass. Another feature is the dual microphones setup, which helps it capture voice accurately and thus enhance the audio quality.

The LG Tone+ comes with the LG Tone & Talk feature that will help you keep track of your messages as well, The company says it will read SMSes out to you.

Also, users can also set an alarm on their phone right from the headset as long as both the devices are connected.

LG Tone+ Bluetooth Stereo Headset
The Tone+ comes with: Black, White, and Pink colour options. The stereo Bluetooth headset will go on sale in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other selected regions beginning February 2016. The company is planning to launch the Hom-Bot Turbo+, a robotic vacuum cleaner that doubles as a security camera.

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