JVZoo vs Clickbank In Nigeria: Which Is Better?

JVZoo and Clickbank have always been among the top best affiliate networks. Have you ever tried to compare the two or are you confused on the one to start with? Well, that is what we will be dissecting in this article.


No matter how you are enticed to join an affiliate program, you should always consider the pros and cons involved to see if it falls into the categories of what you can be able to pull.

Making money with affiliate marketing is one of the tops ways to make money as an online entrepreneur. So let’s look at the modus operandi of these two platforms and finally say the best for Nigerians especially for starters.

JVZoo Vs Clickbank


In as much as JVzoo remains one of the top affiliate programs alongside Clickbank. It is most times difficult for starterss to penetrate the huge benefit on it.

How do I mean?

Registering on JvZoo requires no special technical skills. You just need to login to JvZoo.com and register as an affiliate. But here is the hidden hammer that will not allow you to maximize the platform that very day you want it; “It simply needs days before you can be approved by product vendors.

While this might not be much of hitches, it can be a delay for you especially if you have got an item you just stumbled upon and you just want to get in there and promote a hell out of it.

Also, in some cases, it becomes harder for starters looking to get into to the platform as you can be asked to provide a proof of sales from your previous affiliate network or ads campaigns. When you literally know you are getting in such an offer for the first time.  Not to bother much as most times this has to do with the vendor you want to promote their product. However, most times JvZoo handle it on its own. But still get ready to meet such offers.


This is one of the simplest affiliate programs you can sign up with. With no special technical skills and obvious high requirement needed just like JvZoo. You can literally sign up in minutes.

Here is one sweet thing about the affiliate network; there’s no need to wait for approval as everything is automatic. You wouldn’t have to wait for an hour’s even days to get on board. So if you’ve got that spirit to move and start earning almost immediately, click bank remains the go for.

You can head to clickbank.com

But there is where the two networks have similarity likewise other affiliate platforms; “their payment method”.

As an intending affiliate, one thing that should bother you especially as a Nigerian is how you receive your money after the struggles.

JVZoo Payment Method:

For JVZoo, PayPal is the only way you can receive your funds.

For JvZoo you are required to have a Paypal account before you even start the process of registration as this will be required during your registration process. So make sure you get a Paypal in Nigeria that can receive payments.

Basically, I will like to conclude with the fact that click bank is the best for starters In Nigeria.

Clickbank Payment Method

As an affiliate of Clickbank in Nigeria, you can receive your earnings to Payoneer.

Payoneer is one of the best when it comes to receiving payment from MMO platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com etc…

You can go to myaccount.payoneer.com and register an account, it’s free.

I hope this post helps you decide which platform is better, between jvzoo and Clickbank.

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