Just Like BatMobile: Ford Cars Now Getting Convertibles To Motorcycles


You may have been stuck up in traffic and wished you could just convert your car into a motorcycle so that you can get to your destination just like in Batman movies? We are happy to let you know that you wish is coming true.

A publish made from Ford patent on the 15th of December, it could be seen clearly that a unicycle can be pulled off the rear wheels of the automobile.

This is just what you need when you find yourself in needy situation like traffic.

Here’s how this would work. Once you find yourself in traffic, all you need do is to;

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Look for the nearest parking lot, once you pull over, a mechanism automatically jacks the car and let’s one of the rear tyres pull out and there you go with a time saving unicycle to maneuver the situation.

Publish from Patent Yogi says that this is what the automobile would look like.

Fords patented unicycleImage credit: Patent Yogi

Watch the video below and see the beast in action.

What do you think of Ford’s new innovation? Is this something you would love to see?

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