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What is an IP Address?

Do you think IP (Internet Protocol) addresses as an item within the network? No, it is something that is outside of the network leading it. The word “protocol” demonstrates the rules and regulations that are essentially followed while utilizing the network & internet.

Everyone who uses the network has distinguished IP numbers allocated to them. Millions of e-devices connect folks. And every mobile, laptop, tablet, etc. have an IP address uniquely that is not your IP address. But it is your device/machine’s recognizing factor.

If today your computer’s IP address gets lost somewhere, then you will be deprived of the internet and all sorts of its freedom. Hence you can easily think about the importance of IP location lookup now! Overall, IP Address is defined below with its complete meaning:

“A unique characters’ string that every person’s computer system has it’s one necessarily and without it, the internet cannot be accessed nor any connectivity can be established.”

Structurally, its numbers/keys are placed in a sequence having separation via a period. For instance, is an IP address having unique numeric strings in it?

IP Geolocation’s Conceptual Paradigm:

Can you imagine catching an accurate  location of a person? Yeah you can do it via https://iplocation.io/

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Technology has made it possible today for you! Networking specialists or professionals can know your physical location by accessing your IP Address and a piece of information related to it.

It is a must-to-know concept in the IP Address location lookup topic that leads to vast and impactful applications in real life. There are multiple ways to access such sort of information, for example, HTML5 API, Cell Signal, & much more. Remember one crucial point in this context that it allows you to get a precise location, not an “exact” location!

IP Addresses Versions:

There are two main versions of IP Addresses that are illustrated below:

  1. IP Version 4 (IPv4) is a conventional version that is older as compared to the second one. Once there was a time when most of the devices used this version conveniently. It contains versatile addressing having 32-bits size along with having b5 classes (A-E). But, it was designed especially for big and heavy computers. As its name suggests, it had space for 4 billion IP addresses. But there was swift internet growth with versatile usage. So, this approach seemed to have the bulk of storage capacity, but couldn’t be so efficient. Gradually networking became complex and resultantly, people started keeping more than 1 device. Hence IPv4 was now not enough to cater to users’ needs.
  2. IP Version 6 (IPv6) is the latest as the name shows. It has a 128-bits size/length that is effectively playing its role in today’s versatile networking dynamics. It is replacing IPv4 today gradually, and in the future, IPv4 will be outdated and IPv6 will come as a great contributor to networking and IP Addresses containing.
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For all e-device users, it is depending upon their choice of what sort of version they would love to use. If you are a future-oriented person, then you can convert today your IPv4 to IPv6 via different online tools.

Categorization of IP Addresses:


  1. Public IP Address is dealt with globally as it is publicly accessible e.g. web servers or email servers have public IP addresses. This sort of IP address is ranged on the outer side of the network. It has unique numeric keys & it is not freely available.
  2. Private IP Address is for your private network or your own device/gadget. It is not easily accessible by anyone (related to the internet). This kind of IP Address lets you communicate in your network and accomplish the tasks effectively. You need to go through the “ipconfig” command in your cmd prompt. And finally, you will land on your private IP Address!


Significance/Importance of an IP Address:


Without IP Address, you cannot imagine the network establishment of your device with any other one in the world. Secondly, via using an IP Address, you can find out someone’s city, country, or precise location that matters the most in criminal records and catch them. Moreover, e-Commerce websites are entirely dependent upon IP Addresses for serving their clients at their places. IP Address is crucial for your safety and data protection of yours also via using IP location lookup!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):


  • Does your IP get changed or remain the same most of the time?

Mostly, it is not changed statistically, but a little bit changing becomes visible in its dynamic position due to different locations. Overall it is shown to you in the same way as it was shown before. IP Address changes happen seldom.

  • What authorities does someone get once they hack/steal my IP Address?

He can simply hack/steal your all precious & private data. He can attack your laptop and via it, your phone as well to hack all of your essential docs & details. Hence, you need high-end security against such a malicious attack.

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