In reality: ‘Mad Max’ Diesel V8 Trike

Are you in need of super tech power? Hammer-forged nastiness? The kind of machine-born apocalypse that looks like it was banned from the set of Mad Max for being too ridiculous?

Forget about that puny Harley-Davidson, sweetie. What you need is a trike with a Detroit Diesel V8 engine.
Mad Max Fury Road
The only things we know about this machine are the things we can see from the video. But, really, it’s a custom trike riding on three truck wheels with what looks to be an 8V-71engine smack in the middle. Oh, and it’s breathing through open headers, zoomies style. Sheesh.

Try imagine what it would be like to open the throttle on this crazy thing? Hellish, probably, in the very best way.

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From: Road & Track

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