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Best Reverse Image Search Tool To Verify Images Authenticity

Best Reverse Image Search Tool To Verify Images Authenticity

The importance of images has magnified across the web due to development in the fields of artificial intelligence and image processing and the development of advanced tools such as reverse image search. There is a sea of images that are uploaded every day on the internet.

These images are used for all sorts of purposes like e-commerce, blogs, social media and a long list of categories goes on. But with all this advancement, there arises a problem of fake and real. Many people use fake images to fool the audience. This fraud can happen anywhere like sellers can use edited images for digital marketing or people can upload false and altered images on social media profiles to exploit people in different ways.

Some years ago, the editing technology was not too advanced so people could recognize if the image was edited or photoshopped. But today, there is professional editing software that has advanced and excellent in its set of tools and can be used to create images that appear to be original with no editing. This made it very difficult to claim whether an image was authentic or not.

But thanks to online tools and features like picture search, this problem is solved to a great extent as people can perform image lookup procedures to find valuable information about the image such as its origin, its duplicates, relevant images, and other useful data which can hint if the image has been altered. The best practice is that if the results contain images that appear to be similar to the input image, it usually means that the image you performed a reverse image search on, is a mixture of all those images. This means that there is a lot of responsibility on the image search algorithm to make sure that it enlists correct results. So try to use the best online tools to search for the results.


Google image search algorithm also called Google lens, uses this technique to search for images based on the input image. Google is the most common browser used by people to perform searches. It provides the facility of searching an image directly from any page or website you like.

Just right-click the image and select the option to perform an image search and it will enlist the results against that image, which saves your time from copying and pasting the link in the desired field and then waiting for results.

Reverse image search

Reverse image search is also a great platform to perform the process. It provides many input options to ease the user to perform the search based on any input type. But the main advantage and mentionable feature among all of them is the image input feature. Enter the image and perform an image search. The point that makes it different and better from other tools is that it collects the search results from more than three search engines and displays them for the user to have a wider range of results from different platforms. This is very important as people usually do not pick the images from the same search engine. They tend to gather them from as far as possible and combine them to create one image so that no one suspects them of using a fake image.


It is also one of the biggest image-related applications which have a never-ending hub of images uploaded and shared every day. It provides the user the ability to search for results against an image by just clicking the magnifying glass icon next to the selected image. The results are then shown on the same screen keeping the original image insight.

The best part about this tool is that it can perform the search based on a subset of the selected image as well. User can select the designated area or object from the image that he wants to search and the reverse image search algorithm will enlist the results based on the selected graphic. Pinterest provides this tool both on the cell phone and PCs.


Yahoo is also one of the renowned search engines that use image search technology to aid the searching process. Its functionality is the same as that of Google but the results vary according to yahoo’s algorithm analysis.


Bing is also a common choice of people when it comes to search engines. It also provides the reverse image search feature and enlists results containing many categories like similar images, links to related websites, relevant images, etc.


Reverse Image search is the best practice used today to tell if an image is authentic. Many search engines have incorporated this feature as it is becoming the basic need of every person using digital platforms to authenticate the information. Different tools are present online for you to consider while performing the search.

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