Iludio, a web-based wedding planner now available

In this wedding season most wedding planners are making a killing outcome as wedding plan can now be done online.  A large number of the wedding budget goes to them, and rightly so.
They’ve been known to take the sting out of weddings. They make it possible for couples to simply wake up on the wedding day, put on their dresses, walk the aisle, do the dances and take off to Maldives. No hassle. The planner does majorly all the work and takes care of the mess.
Planners are actually a great idea, but sometimes you just have a big budget in mind, or maybe you want to take part in your wedding plan also. This where Iludio comes to play.
The website is a listing of all the services anyone needs to arrange a wedding. DJs, Caterers, Photographers, Venues, name it. They also have event planners listed.
The website allows  users to view vendors (people providing wedding services) and assemble a team that will make the day just what they imagined. 
The site has a clean UI and it’s easy to navigate. A lot of work was put into building it.

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The website makes available all the details of vendors (complete with their past works and reviews). Vendors can apply to be listed on the website (making it a sort of marketplace). The selection is already sizable with vendors available in places like Enugu and Nassarawa.

I wanted to know the site limit so I tried searching for a venue in Yobe. I didn’t get any outcome.

You can check out the website here.

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