How You Could Possibly Make Money From Your Facebook Post

The great social network giant, Facebook has been exploring more ways for individual users to make profits from their Facebook post. In a survey they found out that there are lots of possibilities for users to convert (monetize) what ever content they have on Facebook, be it a video, post or a picture and make money from it.
Concerning this, we’ve gotten news that this feature is currently available to only some users who have a verified Facebook account.

The money making feature (monetizing) was first spotted by Casey Newton who has a verified Facebook account. It seems Facebook wants some feedback from these selected users on what type of revenue they would want to earn.

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You might also want to know that Facebook is not the first social media platform that allows users to earn money from their post.  YouTube launched a revenue sharing program for all google users through which they could make money.

Facebook is completely determined in becoming a dominant platform for real time sharing allover the world. Therefore, bringing this feature will make people allover the world love and start using Facebook for sharing.


 Photo Credit: theverge

For you to successful make money from your Facebook post. Users would be asked what kinds of things they share, and whether their Facebook friends comprise mostly real-life acquaintances or people they don’t know.

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Making money through your post is part of Facebook survey, whether to allow this feature or not is a decision for Facebook. We certainly know that by them allowing this, they would definitely dominate over other social medias like Twitter and Snapchat. As Facebook will become the number 1 sharing platform in the world.

Its advisable you get your Facebook account verified. In case you don’t know how, kindly follow the link and get your account verified.

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