How to Use Xbox One Controller With a PC


The Xbox One controller is a step above the Xbox 360 controller, a fantastic and already refined gamepad. Xbox 360 controller is the de facto standard for as many PC gamer who prefer to play games without using a keyboard or mouse.
While Microsoft is taking its time in making it usable on the PC without wires, you can easily game on your computer with the Xbox One controller that’s wired in.
For this to work, your computer must run on Windows, also you need a Micro-USB cable (same one used for charging most Windows and Android smartphones), you need to download the required drivers with an Internet connection, and don’t forget you need an Xbox One controller.
Boot your PC as usual, then you connect to the Internet. Depending on your version of Windows, download and install one of these driver packages:
PC drivers for 32-bit Windows
PC drivers for 64-bit Windows
After installing the drivers, plug in the Micro-USB end of the cable to the controller and the USB end of it into your computer’s USB port. If it works, the controller will vibrate. If it does not vibrate, try another Micro-USB cable and/ or a different USB port.
That’s just all you need to do for your Xbox One controller to work on your PC.
If you want to use the same controller with an Xbox One, you will have to re-sync the controller to the console. To do this, hold the wireless sync buttons on the console and controller at the same time or attaching it to the console via Micro-USB cable.

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