How To Tell If Your Smartphone Has a Virus?

Smartphones have become an integral component of everyone’s life. Today there is rarely anything that you cannot do with your smartphone. Since your life is highly dependent on your phone, it is evident that its dysfunctionality can significantly affect your day-to-day work.

To know what’s wrong with your phone, it is essential to know what is causing it. Generally, the leading cause of disturbance in smartphones is malware attacks.

In this post, we would know about the top signs that indicate the presence of the virus or other malware in the smartphone, such as mp3pro malicious pop-up. Further, we would also discuss how to prevent malware attacks on the phone.

How to tell if your Smartphone has a virus?

When malware or virus attacks your device, there are some abnormalities that would indicate its presence. Here are some general clues you can look for:

  1. Check your App list; if you find some extra applications that you don’t remember installing, they might be installed by malware or might be the malware themselves.
  2. After malware infiltrates your device, you will find that the phone becomes slow responsive, and apps frequently crash. The device might also restart on its own.
  3. Your smartphone’s battery would drain faster than usual when there is a presence of a malware program. It is because malware is working in the background and actively using the system resources.
  4. On your phone, you will see a lot more pop-up and banner ads. The ads will not only be on browsers but also other app screens.
  5. You will notice that internet usage has surged up abnormally. It is because malware might be exchanging the data using the internet. 
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How does a Virus enter your device?

A malware needs a platform to enter your smartphone. Generally, they enter through popular mediums such as Torrents. Here are other top ways a malware program can enter your device:

  • Downloading and installing applications from unknown third-party sources can trigger malware installation.
  • Clicking on malicious pop-ups, banner ads, or suspicious links can also introduce malware programs to the device.
  • Clicking on a link of unknown emails or downloading the email attachments from an unknown sender can introduce viruses or other malware to the device.

What are the types of Malware a phone can infect with?

A smartphone can be infected with the following common malware programs:

  1. Trojan: A trojan pretends to be a legitimate program that would force users to install itself to improve the device’s performance.
  2. Adware: An adware is a program that bombards irrelevant, malicious ads on the smartphone to generate revenues. The malicious ads caused by the adware can lead to other malware entries.
  3. Spyware: A spyware is a malicious program that, after infiltrating your device, can hide in its background and perform ill-disposed spying activities such as monitoring and logging browser activities, keystrokes, and more. It can steal sensitive information from the phone, such as personal photos & videos, banking details, browsing information, and more. 
  4. Ransomware: A ransomware can lock the files on your device through a robust encryption algorithm and ask for the ransom in return for a decrypting tool or key.
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How to prevent Malware from entering your device?

A malware program can create havoc in smartphones after the infiltration. Therefore it is better to keep them away from the phones. Here are some of the preventive measures you can take:

  • Regularly update your OS and apps. Cybercriminals can take advantage of loopholes and vulnerabilities of outdated systems and apps. 
  • Avoid app installations from untrustworthy third-party sources. The unverified third-party app stores are the enormous container of malware applications.
  • Never get trapped in the fake offers presented in pop-ups and banner ads. They are deliberately designed to attract users to click on them.
  • Keep installed a robust security solution application so that phone remains optimized
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