How To Get Your SMALL Business To The BIG World

I suppose you’ve got your eyes on a number of big businesses. And with ambitions, you’re determined to get your business to the big world and most especially to those who care about it. But have you forgotten that “these BIG Businesses you see today were once SMALL Business? Yeah. They were ‘once’.

Promoting Your Small Business

Apple, Google, Dell or Disney among many other giants have something in common- they all started from scratch. They were once‘small businesses’. Now they’re miraculously making a difference in the big world. No matter the kind of business you do, so far ‘helping or adding value to people is included,’ there is a spot for you in the big world.

Having known that, how then do you take your business out of your office/warehouse, out of those couple of web pages and get them to those people who matter?

I’m no expert or guru in business or market growth but I sure know how consumers think!

And don’t you forget, the BIG World is filled with CONSUMERS.

Getting your business out to the world is a gradual process. But before you start backing your business with years of experience, you have to.

Learn the importance of Logo design and communicate with it.

communicatewith symbols

I could for a whole day keep blabbing on the importance of Logo design, but I won’t. Maybe I’ll do that in some other article.

We all know the saying; an image says a thousand words. Yeah, that’s so true.

If you’re determined to get your business out to those who matter, you should start taking advantage of its meaning.

Get your business a simply designed logo that is easy to understand.

All most every organisation has a logo, but not all organisation convey a message with their logo – logos are meant to give the idea of your company/business.

Take for instance the American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer – GAP. Their clothes are basic and guess what? Their logo is simple and idea. Another definition of a simple and stylish logo is that of Mansion Casino, leading in the gaming industry with over 10 years of experience, their logo design demonstrates “gaming experience” and purpose.

If you check their site you’ll not see an All CAPS logo like GAP has. Just the first letter in both the words are slightly larger giving it a bold and distinct look when compared to other similar all CAPS logos. Also, if you look closer it’s like 2 people are facing each other.

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I’ll advice you do some google search on the logos listed below – they’re simple, eye-catching and effective in communicating.

Guillory Camp, Opposite logo, Kittypic logo, Bison logo, Upside down productions Logo, Review Code Typography Logo.

Consumers won’t kill their self-thinking of the meaning of your logo, if your logo is too complex; they would just ignore it like it’s one of those difficult puzzles and would remember it only as “that logo they cannot understand.”

So, back to the key point, get yourself a logo and communicate your business idea.There are many services like Fiverr that will design a logo for you according to your requirements.

Come up with your Slang or Slogan

Nokia Slogan

Glo says “Rule your world” and that’s what their service offers you, ‘a chance to rule your world.’

Guinness says “We’re made of Black”

Nokia says “Connecting People”

The list goes on and on.

Observe something particular about these slogans, they don’t necessary have big grammars in them. They are simple enough for a common man to understand yet they drive purpose.

You have to come up with yours, whether a slang or slogan. Back it up with the purpose of your business and don’t forget – make it simple!

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Get closer to the inhabitants of the ‘BIG World’

People of the World

Inhabitants of the big world (consumers), love reviews, testimony, helpful advice, and more importantly they love those who will give them such helpful advice.

So how do you give them a truthful review and market your business at the same time?


Consumers all over the world believe in Ambassadors–people who will represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales.

Closing the curtains

I believe people rarely buy what they need. They buy what they want.

As a consumer, one thing I know for sure is that the numbers of business that did get the attention of the world are; involving, fun, and exercise creative instincts.

The world awaits your business idea. If it’s involving, fun and exercises creative instincts, they will buy it.

Remember! Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.

If you’re going to get your SMALL business to a world filled with 7 billion people in it, now is the time.

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