How To Get Free Data On Airtel-Free Airtime Hack

Buying data always sucks 😜 but we gonna be revealing the trick to getting free data on your Airtel Line.

  Recently, there had been a trending rumor that Airtel Nigeria was hacked by Anonymous Hacking Group after numerous Subscribers received N1000 worth of airtime. The telecommunication company rather denied allegations of its database being hacked by the Anonymous Hacking Group and disclosed that it was just a compensation to the Network Glitch witnessed by Subscribers on the 17th of October 2020. 

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         Airtel Double Data Trick

Did you ever know that Airtel Nigeria restricts it’s Subscribers from a lot of goodies, ranging from data to airtime offers? Think about it 🤔.

   The first time I bought an Airtel Line, I never knew I was wasting my money buying monthly data which doesn’t last up to a week, until I discovered the trick which I am going to reveal to you soon. Even as I started enjoying this trick, they still followed me up with a restriction, isn’t that crazy?

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    But that was just a kid play, I still got my way to the golden gate 😂. Now right here below, I am going to explain in details, how you can be getting double (X2) of your data each time you make a purchase.

                       First Step

For most new smartphones, you might receive a system message which states “Did you know that new smartphones on Airtel qualify for 100% Data bonus for up to 6 months? This means you can get 3GB for only N1000, 7GB for N2000 or even 1.5GB for just N500”.

Now did you see that the message states that the bonus validity is just 6 months and after the period might have elapsed, you will be denied of the freebie. 

      I understand how bad this might actually sound as same thing happened to me after my first 6 months but with this post, we shall bypass all the inappropriate restrictions and maximize the offer for life. 

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 First of all, send ‘GET’ to 141 and wait for a feedback from Airtel Network. After a few minutes, you should have gotten a message from Airtel which tells you that you can now get 100% of your subsequently data purchases.

                      Second Step

After we have concluded with the first step, what is now left is how to continue enjoying this freebie for life😋. 

    Always remember, that whenever you want to buy data, dial *141# and on the prompt response page, reply with 1 which is ‘My Offer’. This method should be applied because this is a valid offer you received from the Airtel Network and they will never credit you when you make use of the ‘Buy Data’ on the Prompt Response Page, so take note of that. Take note that this wi only last for 6 months and after that you will never receive such offer again unless you apply the third step.

                        Third Step

Finally, what I am about to reveal to you now is what Airtel Network never wanted you to know. After the 6 months grace period must have elapsed, you will be unable to get the offer on your Airtel Line😔.

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   But don’t worry, sit down and take some coffee while I breakdown everything for you in a layman’s understanding🤤. To continue enjoying this offer, send the term ‘GET’ again to 141. You might receive a message that you’re not eligible for the offer but ignore it as that’s just a trash.     

  After you must have done that, use the commands below whenever you want to buy data on your Airtel Line.

*141*1000# = 4.5GB

*141*1500# = 6GB

*141*2000# = 9GB

*141*2500# = 12GB

*141*3000# = 16GB

*141*4000# = 22GB

Airtel Free Data
How To Get Free Data On Airtel-Free Airtime Hack

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