Did iOS 10 Update Get Your iPhone Stuck Showing The Apple Logo? Here’s A Quick Fix

So you heard about how awesome Apple’s latest Operating System; the iOS 10 is and after checking the price of an iPhone 7 pre-installed with iOS 10, you were like.

“Blood of God!”


You found out that getting an iPhone 7 just to enjoy the new iOS 10 was out of the question. Not for any other reason but because it is way too expensive to buy.

After so much consideration, you finally decided to perform an update to your iPhone or iPad.

You were hoping to save your cash. 
But then after going through some online tutorials, your device refuse to boot up, all you are left with is a stuck Apple logo on your screen.

Hate to break it to you but if that’s your story, the iOS update got broken and your phone is now bricked.

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As the Apple’s iOS 10 begins to go viral, a lot of folks have been trying to update their iPhone and iPad but a couple of them have fallen into this same trouble.

Look at the bright side…

You can fix a broken iOS 10 update. Just follow this post and I’ll show you how.

You should know that whenever your iPhone or iPad gets stuck showing the Apple logo, it has entered a “bricked” state. But depending on how far the update process has gotten, you can quickly fix it using iTunes.

You stand a greater chance of fixing this problem easily if you’ve made a previous backup using iTunes.

The whole process will be faster if your device eventually ends up needing a full restore; if not, you should do it in a location with strong Wi-Fi connection in order to restore your apps from iCloud

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Before we begin fixing, you need a computer.

Step 1: Get a computer:

Either Windows PC or Mac will do, it should have the latest version of iTunes that supports iOS 10

Step 2:

Connect your iPad or iPhone to the computer

Step 3

Open iTunes on the computer (it’s necessary you have the latest version of iTunes that supports iOS 10)

Step 4

Press and hold your device’s Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously until you see the recovery mode screen.

Step 5

A prompt in iTunes will ask you to update or restore. Select Update.

Step 6

You can either choose update to continue with the iOS 10 upgrade or restore your device back to iOS 9

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Step 7

You’re almost done; so kindly wait for the install completes, then you can use your phone.

PS: If the steps above fails to recover your iPad or iPhone from its blocked state, repeat the steps, but this time, select the recovery option and then restore your device rather than update it.

If it still fails to work, I’ll advise you kindly visit an Apple store or a phone technician to get it fixed.

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