How To Buy Airtime Via GTBank Instant Top Up

Maybe you’re kind of broke and you wanted to buy airtime with the little cash in your bank account, and going to the bank seems to be a huge task. Thats cool, because you can purchase airtime right from your mobile phone.
The process in doing this is quite simply, all you have to do is follow some instructions. I will advise you to bookmark this page so that you can easily get this information any time you need it.
Guarantee Trust Bank provides all customer with two methods of GTBank Instant Top Up, by which you can buy airtime on your phone.
Please note; “You must use the same phone number you used when opening the GTBank account or else it wont work.”
But if you desire to use a new phone number, kindly go to the nearest GTBank and update you account details.

This method is a text message format. To do this, 
Send information require such as the “Network” “Amount credit” “Account number” in this format
An example is “AIRTEL 1000 0186235471“ 
Then send to “080766655555

METHOD 2 (Via Sort Code)
All you are required to do using method 2 is to dial the code below
This code automatically detects you network and credits it.
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