How to Add Page Numbers to Your PDFs Online Using PDFBear

PDFBear provides users an online alternative that can help edit their PDF documents. One of the processes that this online PDF editor provides is the ability to add page numbers to your PDF files. It’s very easy, and you won’t alter the quality of the PDF document by simply adding page numbers to it. 

Why should you even add page numbers to your PDF files? Well, you can drastically improve your PDF document by making it look more presentable and professional. It’d be quite difficult to locate something in your PDF file when you don’t know which page it’s currently on. You can avoid these unwanted scenarios by numbering your PDF pages through PDFBear.

Straightforward Process

The only thing that this online PDF editor will help you to do is to add pages to PDF. In turn, you won’t be going through many twists, turns, and complicated processes to simply add a page number to your PDF files. In fact, you can number your PDF pages in four easy steps. 

You’d better believe that following this four-step process will lead to an effortless process that will help you number your PDF pages. You’ll first need to choose, select, and upload the PDF document that you would like to add page numbers to. Then, wait until this online PDF editor verifies the upload. After this step, you’d be able to pinpoint the exact side or position in which you’d like the page numbers to appear. 

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Once you’ve identified the side or position on the PDF wherein you’d like to see the page number, click on the “Number Pages” button. You’d be able to directly download a modified PDF document straight to your computer, laptop, or any other device.

Seamless User-Friendly Interface

This PDF editor on the PDFBear website is incredibly easy to use. PDFBear simplified the interface so users won’t have to deal with a lot of buttons while numbering their PDF documents. In turn, even those who have minimal tech skill and experience can use this PDF editor to add page numbers to their PDF file. 

PDFBear also sees to it that this online PDF editor is ready to use once it’s accessed by users. It already possesses the best settings needed to add page numbers to any PDF file. In turn, anyone who’s interested in using this tool for numbering their PDF pages will be able to do so instantly. You will no longer need to add any input on the settings of this PDF editor before using it.

This online PDF editor enables users to effortlessly number their PDF pages through their browsers. It’s also free, making it your best choice in adding page numbers to your PDFs online.

Focus on Details

Indeed, this online PDF editor from PDFBear will enable users to add page numbers to any PDF document. Through this online PDF editor, users may also customize the typography and positions of the page numbers. You’d surely have a lot of options on how you want your page numbering to turn out.

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PDFBear’s online PDF editor also gives you the option to declare the first page of your PDF document as the cover page. If you don’t change this declaration, PDFBear’s online PDF editor will automatically assume that the first page of the PDF is page one. 

You can surely avoid this dilemma by declaring the first page as the cover page. With this step, you’d be able to avoid turning the first page as page one of the PDF document.

Available on Any Platform

This online PDF editor on the PDFBear website should function well and without any issues on any platform. With this fact, using a system that runs on Windows, Mac, or Linux won’t raise any incompatibility issues upon adding page numbers to your PDF. Regardless of which platform you’ll use, you’ll be able to add page numbers to your PDF effortlessly and free.

This online PDF editor operates through a web-based process and connection. In turn, you won’t need to install any offline software for this PDFBear editor. All you’ll need to access and use this PDF editor is a web browser and an Internet connection. Access it through Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any other web browser you’d prefer.

Accordingly, this online PDF editor will allow you to add page numbers to your PDF files from the comfort of your smartphone. That’s right; you can bring this online PDF editor to your handheld device. All that this PDF editor needs is the mobile counterpart of the web browsing app you’re using and, of course, an Internet or Wi-Fi connection.

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It’s certainly true that PDFBear allows users to add page numbers to any PDF for free. However, this free process only lasts a certain number of times. If you need to add page numbers to more than one PDF document per day, then you’d need a subscription to PDFBear PRO.

PDFBear PRO is a premium subscription to all of PDFBear’s editing, optimization, and converting tools. You better believe that for the price of $5.99 a month, handling a PDF for edit, conversion, or optimization will be way easier than a free subscription.


If you want a fool-proof way of adding page numbers to your PDF online, then PDFBear is your best alternative. You can add pages to your PDF in an effortless manner for free. Without a doubt, editing PDF files has never been this easy. With PDFbear, you can add page numbers to your PDF documents in just a few clicks.

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