Airtel Instagram Bundles Code: How To Activate & Get 1GB For N200

If you have ever tried preserving your data bundle, the best place to be is Instagram, right?

Lol… Hell no!

One of the pains of Internet surfers in Nigeria is having to subscribe to a monthly plan 3-4 times just in one month. Haba! That stuff is really annoying.

… Introducing the Airtel Instagram Bundle Plan a.k.a Airtel Instabundle

It’s really good news seeing that Airtel kicked up the year with a so much anticipated data offer from its subscribers – most especially the Instagram lovers.

We’ve had the WhatsApp bund
le plan, Social bundle plan, and Youtube Video plan all along, now its the Airtel Instagram bundle plan.

For a recap, these are the WhatsApp and Social Bundle plans, their price and duration.

Airtel WhatsApp bundle

10MB for N25, valid for 1 day
30MB for N100, valid for 10 days

Airtel Social bundle Plan

40MB for N50, valid for 1 day
80MB for N100, valid for 5 days
600MB for N300, valid for 25 days

Unlike the plans listed above, the Airtel Instagram bundle plan gives 1GB for N200 and 250MB for N100

With this data plan, you get 250 Megabyte or 1 Gigabyte to browse Instagram tirelessly either on web or using the Instagram App. The only turn off for a lot of folks is that you can only use the 1GB for 1 day. 

Now, here’s how to activate the Airtel InstaBundle.


How to activate Airtel Instagram Bundle

Activating the Airtel Instagram Bundles is very easy. Here are the two methods to activate the plan on your phone.

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Method 1

1. First and foremost, open the default dialer application on your phone and dial *141#

2. Select 2 for “Buy a Social Plan”

3. Now select 4 for “Instagram Bundles”

4. Finally you get options, 250MB for N100 and 1GB for N200

5. Select the one you want.

Method 2

This second method to get the Airtel Instabundle 1GB for N200

1. Open the default dialer application on your phone.

2. Now dial *141*205#


Well, it may seem like there’s going to be a brighter light at the end of the tunnel afterall.

While we’re not sure if Airtel is going to increase the duration for the Instagram Bundle plan or leave it as it is, we very much welcome this offer. Underlining that, the truth still remains: “this may not be the best way to stop our data from disappearing”.¬†

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Final notes…

1GB for 200 Naira sounds pretty cool but supposing we do this every day and we do the math, that’s 200 Naira times 7 days a week. You know how much we’re talking about here. That’s enough to get a Sunday evening barbecue. Smiles..

With the Airtel Instagram Bundle, guess we’ll almost certainly be able to followup our Instagram celebrities and worry less about our monthly subscription. Kindly share this with your friends.

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