Here’s How Expensive It Cost To Charge The New iPhones (Using A Wireless Charger)

During the September Tech event, Apple introduced 3 new iPhones with jaw-dropping prices and awesome specification.

Among the release was the iOS 11, Apple TV 4k and the Apple Watch Series 3 which also supports Wireless Charging.


And while their new flagship devices have been the talk of the town (obviously because it of the cool technology it features), the fast charge and wireless charging is something that really caught my interest.

But unfortunately, Apple will not let you use them straight away.

I wish I could answer that…

The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X all come with the regular 5 Watt charger right out of the box, but that charger doesn’t do the wireless charging magic.

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For you to use the fast charge you’ll have to buy a separate charger and cable.

You should worry because the separate charger and cable won’t be cheap.

Not at all…

I know you’ve been saving big time in order to get yourself one. But before you make up your mind not to…

Here’s why you are going to spend some extra bucks to use the fast charge feature.

The 3 new iPhones will charge fast and wirelessly on Apple’s USB C- 29 Watt charger, the 61 watt and 87 Watt Power adapters.

With “Watt” everywhere, you’re probably scratched your head right now. (hehe)

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Okay, Let’s talk money instead.

The USB C- 29 Watt charger is bigger in terms of power than the standard iPhone chargers and that makes it charge quicker and faster.

The usual 5 Watt iPhone charger doesn’t let you charge wireless, you’ll need the 29 Watt or greater. But the 29 Watt Charger cost about $49/€59/Β£49 which is roughly around 19,000 Naira.

It doesn’t just end there…

You’d also bee needing a USB-C to Lightning Cable which goes for a separate charge of $25/€29/Β£25 which is roughly around 10,000 Naira.

Now here’s how you could cut down cost without you knowing.

If you already have the 29 Watt charger that comes with the MacBook or you have an iPad pro charger. Good! πŸ‘ 

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You could use that but then you’d be left with 1 more cable to get.

If you were to get any of the 3 iPhones, which would it be? Is the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X? Do you mind spending some more cash to have the fast charge? Tell us in the comments below.

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