How to Clean Laptop Speakers [The Right Way]

There are a million and one reasons why you should know how to clean laptop speakers. Leave aside the million, and check out just this one.

You know those times when you wake up to find out that your house has been beautifully decorated with dust? Well, no thanks to those naughty particles always making you look like a workaholic each time you try clean em up. Yeah, they keep leaving their touch all over the book shelve, cabinet, chairs and even on your beloved laptop.

Oh, this situation shouldn’t be any problem for a cleaning pro like you, right? You could clean the bookshelves and chairs in a literally seconds but how about the laptop?  A wipe or two on the screen, keyboard and body should as well do the trick right?

Guess again!

Laptops ought to be kept clean if for any particular reason, to keep it from getting infected with a virus. But as we may have it some folks are less afraid of the virus and more concerned about messing things up if every trying to clean the laptop.

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Well, if you really want your laptop looking clean, you ought to do the needful and not ignore the laptop speakers. In this guide, you’ll learn how to clean laptop speakers so follow through for the steps on how to clean laptop speakers.

How to Clean Laptop Speakers

Things you’ll need

In order to clean laptop speakers, you’ll need

1. Hand Vacuum or Dustbuster with a brush attachment

2. Cotton Swabs

Now, let’s get cleaning.

Steps to how to clean laptop speakers

Step 1

First thing first, shut down the laptop and unplugging the charging cable.

Dust and crumbs on the speaker are a lot easier to clean with the help of the hand vacuum. Since the computer contains delicate components, you’ll have to be careful doing that. A nice approach is to ensure that the hand vacuum doesn’t have too much suction power.

Pro Tip: Hand Vacuum or Dustbuster are suitable for such clean up. Don’t be tempted to use a floor vacuum cleaner, the suction power is usually too much.

Step 2

For the third step, place the brush attachment on either the hand vacuum or Dustbuster. Now gently move the vacuum over the speaker holes. As the brush does its job, the vacuum will suck in the dirt and crumbs.

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Step 3

Finally, pick up the cotton swab and use it to wipe off the dirt that got stuck.


Pro Tips/Suggestions on how to clean Laptop Speakers

1. When cleaning computer keyboard, compressed air is usually used. But it is not recommended for cleaning laptop speakers as the compressed air forces dirt inside the computer rather than outside.

2. A much effective way to clean Laptop speakers is by disassembling the laptop. By disassembling it, you get better access to the speaker grills where you can blow out the specks of dirt more easily. While doing this, you have to take precaution as not to mess around with the components inside your computer.

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Side note: There are chances of this rendering your warranty void. In case the accumulated dirt is pretty tough to remove, let a professional help you out

Got any questions on how to clean laptop speakers? Kindly drop them in the comment box below. Don’t forget to share this guide to help keep it relevant. 

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