Here’s The Current Way To Check Your Glo Tariff Plan

Before I show you how to check active tariff plan on Glo line, you should agree with me that Glo has over the years, been storming the telecom market with its cheap data plans and promos.


While they’ve been putting up a thought fight with their rivals, (gratefully) they’ve also helped hungry internet users like me. (smiles).

But unfortunately, even with all these advances, not every consumer gets to use the cheap data offers comfortably.

Well, let’s save the wailing for some other day.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you the quickest and easiest way to check the current Tariff plan on any Glo sim.

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Unlike the way you check tariff plan on Airtel, that of Glo is straightforward, it requires you dial just a USSD.

Plus it’s FREE!

How To Check Active Tariff Plan On Glo Network

No matter what your reasons are for checking your Glo Tariff plan, simply dial #100# and you should be prompted with your current tariff plan.

For me, am on the Glo INFINITO, so I got a message which reads

“Dear customer,your profile is INFINITO.Enjoy 11K/s to 10 Glo nos and 20K/s to ANY network in NIgeria.To register 10 nos, dial *101*1*Mobile No#.”

That’s how to know active tariff plan on Glo. Yeah… it’s that easy and as simple as ABC, doesn’t take you even a minute.

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Like I said earlier, this is the easiest and the most updated way to check Glo tariff plan here in Nigeria

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