Hover Board Explosion: You Should Carry A Fire Extinguisher Along

Lots of investigations have been carried out by the United State Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC).
Hover board

Due to the frequent hover board explosions, warning have been sent to all hover board owners to ensure that there is a nearby fire extinguisher while charging.

All hover board that are made and imported into the United State is being investigated currently.
It is important for all hover board to have safety feature for its lithium-ion batteries.
Hover boards should have basic safety technologies that are supposed to prevent combustion and overheating in them.
It is the same basic safety technology that is present in properly manufactured lithium-ion batteries.
Similar safety technology is used in manufacturing the lithium-ions batteries present in our everyday cellphones as well as notebook computers. That’s why our cell phones do not explode or combust.
Apart from the explosions of hover board, there have also been occurrences of injuries as a result of users falling off the hover board.
The CSPC has been searching for a better way of adjusting the speed of the hover board as well as the power level to ensure that all users are properly balanced.
If you still insist on using your hover board, it is best advice that you should put on a skate board helmet, elbow, knew pads and the wrist guards before riding.

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