Hallelujah! The iPhone 7 Has Been Jailbroken Already [Live Photo]

Isn’t it hilarious that we’re already counting down the end of 2016 and despite the rate at which innovations keep coming, we still call it a “jailbreak“? Whatever your thoughts are on giving its a new phrase, I’m fine with that. But get something clear today; Apple’s latest flagship device has already “been freed from the shackles of its crafty maker“. Hallelujah!
iOS jailbreak
Yeah! It’s true, in just about 5 days of its release, the iPhone 7 has already been jailbroken.
This achievement was accomplished by a hacker named Luca Todesco, popularly known as qwertyoruiop. As a proof of the jailbreak, he posted a picture of iPhone 7 running Cydia.
You can see the photo below.
jailbroken iPhone 7
Hate to break it to you guys but if you are expecting a video or tutorials on how you can Jailbreak and iPhone 7 as well then you’re just out of luck. For now, Todesco has not disclosed his secret to the public.

On the good side, recent Apple smartphones are definitely possible to jailbreak. I’ve got my subscription running, I will keep on refreshing the web to see if Pangu or another team comes to our rescue.
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