Google’s AdSense And Analytics Sites Gets A Brand New Design And Layout

Ever since Material Designs were launched, modern web pages now have a different look and feel; all thanks to design language of the Material design.

What is the Material Design?

The Material Design works across different platforms and gives a vibrant, responsive look. It also affects web structures and layers, bringing a sense of real interaction.

Although Google has not been faithful to material design on its very own site, the Google + and Contacts have been the only two services that had the Material Design makeover.

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Material Design lovers especially those who happen to be managing sites or ads should be excited because both Google AdSense and Analytics’s site are getting the Material Design as a new makeover.

This update comes with a better use of space, smarter page organisation, streamlined navigation and more. (well, calendars are not included, at least not now)

The new AdSense look is pretty amazing and this is what you should see if you swap to the new look

Below is how the Material Design on analytics look

Roll out of this new look will start in a couple of weeks, though you will have to opt in by clicking “take a look

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When you opt into the new AdSense, you might get carried away by its design.

Certainly, if you keep admiring the new display, you might not be so bothered when your AdSense fetches only a little cash.

Please be reminded that this is not Calendar, does not include Calendar and you can’t opt into Calenders.

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