Google Wants To Punish Webpages That Show Intrusive And Annoying Advertisements

It is not a secret that over 75 percent of contents online these days are viewed on mobile devices.

Year after year, the rate at which people view online contents keeps increasing and as mobile audience increase, there has been a gradual shift in technology.

Advertisers and publishers are taking advantage of this, perhaps they have taken too much advantage of it.

Do you still remember those websites you visited recently, how may advertisements did you take note of?

With no second doubt, an advertisement is the ‘backbone’ of any online business. In as much as advertisers can’t be deprived of advertising on the web, it doesn’t mean they should deprive users of their experience by displaying intrusive, annoying and disruptive ads.

A lot of advertisers have proven stubborn and a few of them had learned the truth the hard way while others are still finding ways of dodge or bypass it.

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With an all-powerful wisdom, the great search engine, Google has introduced some developments, more of a plan to ‘take-down’ annoying advertisement on mobile.

In this plan of google, webpages with offensive ads will get penalised on google search results.

Although the full criteria for its judgement haven’t been known but based on words from experts, sites and webpages with annoying and intrusive advertisements; whether it is an ads that cover the entire screen, or a large part of it, ads that completely prevent users from getting the contents.

According to Google’s official post, such webpages or sites “would possibly not rank extremely”.

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Good enough, there are some exceptions, webpages with log-in forms, cookie messages, age verification and banners that take up only a little amount of space will be exceptional.

Also, like most Google Penguin updates, this potential change will not take effect drastically. Nevertheless, this is an awesome trend that in the long run will be able to clean up and streamline the mobile experience enormously, particularly if the initiative is carried over to Android apps and some higher requirements are imposed for ads there as well.

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