Google’s New Messaging App Allo Hits Play Store (APK Download)

Hey wait wait wait!! You own a smartphone right? Then this write up is for you.
Google has finally made its smart messaging application Allo available to the general public. The app is currently available to Android users and iOS users on Play store and App store respectively.

Love to break it to you; Allo is the very first application integrated with Google Assistant, a chartbot aimed at strengthening the company’s machine learning. You can ask what the weather will be tomorrow, you can suggest replies to conversation, get your travel information and so much more.
Yeah, it seems Google’s own evolution just started.

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The Google Assistant is just the counter piece that happens to knock me town. 

Allo is just in one way similar to Google’s other messaging App Duo; for now the app only exist on mobile devices, there is no web or desktop version.

You sign up to Allo with your phone number and attach your Google ID, fellow Allo users on your contact will automatically display, while those who aren’t on the service could be invited to download the app.
If you seek enlightenment on its features, I’ll advice you check the official website dedicated to Allo and watch this message driving promotional video made by Google.

Are you getting “THE FEELING?” The feeling to talk at Allo!
Lol. If you are interested, download the Allo App from Google Play Store now!

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