Google Flood Alert Now Available In A New Location

Google has recently revealed that it will now use its Google Public alerts to give flood alerts in India.

You may ask; how can this be possible? The Public Alert will work on information from river level.

Google made mentioned that the alerts will be accessible on Google web  search, Google app as well as Google Maps.

For users to get any information concerning flood, they must search the Public Alerts Homepage, either on a computer or a phone. After clicking on the alerts, information concerning hazard will be displayed.

Information will include a map and an expected time of occurrence, alongside hint on how to stay safe.

Let me give a little review about the Google Public Alert;

The google public alert is one of Google’s product that gives information relating to geography, it gives weather forecast , earth quakes alerts and even public safety tips.
All the tips it gives are to help people make good decisions in time of any crisis.

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I believe that getting all these information at the right time will help make preparations and could even safe lives and properties.

The product manager in India gave his sincere gratitude to the Central Water Commission for making the flood alert available in India, as it will definitely help in keeping more lives safe from natural disasters

This development in currently in India, We all hope it gets to Africa on time, i.e before the world ever ends

If you think the Google Public Alerts can be helpful in Africa, tell us by using the comment box

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