Play This Hilarious Dinosaur Game On Google Chrome Without Using Internet Connection

It’s annoying when you find out that you cannot connect to the internet because you are either out of data or out of network coverage, at this point, your browser becomes almost useless. But with Google Chrome, you can instantly turn your browser into a video game, to while away some time and actually have some fun while playing the Chrome Dinosaur game.

Google decided to add this feature on its browser due to people’s love for video game. With the recent version of Google Chrome, instead of seeing the usual ‘you can’t get online’ whenever there is connection problem, you will see a dinosaur on your screen telling you ‘there is no internet connection’.

Once you see the dinosaur on your screen, you can quickly start the game, simply hit the space bar to start.  On playing this game, the dinosaur will jump over obstacles and run endlessly through a desert.
Once you reach every hundred point, the dinosaur celebrates but if you lose, you can refresh the page and start over again.

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This game is as tempting as the ‘super Mario’ game, the longer you run, the faster the game becomes, you could choose to play this game all day or just fix your internet connection problem.
Whichever it is, this game is definitely something that will keep internet users on Google chrome less annoyed.

Have you tried playing the dinosaur game, did you like it, what was your highest score? Kindly tell us through the comment box.

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