Google Celebrates Holi Festival

Today marks the day Hindus celebrate the Holi festival, a colorful festival where love is expressed. But it seems they are not the only one doing that. Google happens to be celebrating the colorful event with a display of a colorful painting spelled ‘Google’.

It is well known that google do celebrate lots of people and events like valentine’s day, leap day in a leap year, mother’s day, and a ton of others. This exert time, the search engine has a beautiful colored painting on its home page.

This colorful festival, well known as Holi festival is celebrated to mark an end to the winter and with hopes of a better season of spring, the Holi festival is also a festival of love. On this day, people forgive and forget each other’s wrong doings and mistakes. Every body gathers together and share joy, happiness and loves and go crazy and whacky, spraying colors on each other and pouring colored waters on each other as well.

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According to religious facts, “The festival of Holi is also associated with the enduring love between Lord Krishna (an incarnation of Vishnu) and Radha, and Krishna in general”.

The day is attached with sharing of gifts with friends and enemies, a day that brings both employee and employer, rich and poor, young and old together.

Although it has been an ancient practice, it is still celebrated by Hindus. To learn more about the Holi Festival, please read here

Techkibay wishes you all a Happy Holi 2016!

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