Games Nigerians just can’t avoid

Games Nigerians just can’t avoid

Subway surfers
Nigerians just can’t help being Jack who is trying to escape a inspector and his dog, the just can’t stop loving his acrobatics and his hover board surfing.

Temple Run
Temple run is another time stealing game in Nigeria, An endless run trying to escape some demons.
While running over a temple bridge as high as death. Nigerians just love running

Just as the name implies, crush candies with a formation inorder to get high scores.
This urge to assemble candies just make Nigerians keep playing this game.
Asphalt 8: Airbone
Asphalt is mainly played by Guys but some Ladies try make exceptions. The race continues is Asphalt 8 with a high screen cracking graphic.
Angry Birds
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Angry bird was initially a game where the controller shots birds into a pig’s fortresses.

This episode of Angry Bird Space has space features installed.

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