Imagine Loosing Your Car Keys Then Having To Look For It In This #Oyinbo Drawer

Before you start imagining, take a look at your current drawers, try remembering the kind of stress you usually go through finding the keys you keep in them.


So stressful right? I’m glad you could relate.

Well, it just got worst!

Genius Club shared on their Facebook Fan Page a video of what they call ‘The Future of Furniture

The video shows some set of fancy Furniture, Cabinets, Desks, Drawers, Walls etc. with a tone of hidden compartments.

Now Imagine Loosing Your Car Keys Then Having To Look For It In This #Oyinbo Drawer……….. Only to find out that the keys were already in the car.

Lol… (Just Kukuma Kill Me) 😠😬

Futuristic Kitchen Drawer

The idea of a multi hidden compartment has literally been existing for hundred of years, so it might not be so much of a new concept – ancient architecture had very similar stuff right?

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Ever heard of the Presidential Desk? It was built with multi compartments. (I heard there are just two of the presidential desk in the world)??

Presidential Desk

If this is going to be in the future, well, lets get prepared for the stress that comes along with this much comfort. For any Adult who will be keeping stuff  “out of reach of children?” This drawer shouldn’t be a bad idea.

 Sadly, but one day a bunch of kids are going to be living in a house full of stuff like this and be complaining that they are bored or never get anything from the parents. (This part got me thinking)

Enough with the Fancy Stuff, How Much Does This Furniture Cost? Is The Price Fancy As well?

Price of futuristic furniture that, literally, does the exact same thing that your current furniture does (ie. keeping stuff), but in a much fancier way?  Thousands of dollars. $$$$$$ 

For me, it’s a Nah. I’d rather use my closet to store my clothes and games. Don’t need a $3,000 closet that fits into my stairs to do the same thing.

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Watch Video Below and Share you thoughts – Would you buy this kind of furniture in your Nigerian Home?

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