Free, Unlimited VPN Comes To Opera Desktop Browser Also

What the HECK is VPN, does it stand for Very Popular Nation? 
I’m getting this feeling that a lot of you are asking the same question (am not a wise man, it’s just a gift). So if you are asking, I will assume you are new to the VPN discussion. 
Opera VPN
VPN simply means Virtual Private Network and it lets users hide their location and bypass geo-restricted content.
There are so many VPN out there; the good ones, the reliable ones but we don’t see the free ones every day.
Opera VPN is Free and unlimited, it’s currently the talk of my town!
Opera has extended its free unlimited VPN to its desktop web browser, making its browser the first major browser to get an in-built VPN service. Hope you haven’t forgotten of the free VPN that was recently made available for mobile device.

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Now you know what the HECK is VPN, So how does Opera VPN help you?

The Opera VPN creates a secure connection to one of Opera’s 5 server locations around the world. The VPN  allows everyone choose how they want to appear on the internet, it allows you gain access to contents that are restricted in your region or location.
With Opera browser, you can automatically select the best server location depending on different factors such as network speed, server capacity, location and latency.
The VPN on Opera’s desktop browser is powered by Opera subsidiary SurfEasy and makes use of a highly secure 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and does not in any way store browsers history nor users details.

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