Are Free Browsing Tricks And Awoof Service “Gone Too Soon”?

Awoof has been in time memorial a very important service that gave some Telecom companies their fame. They use it to promote their services and also gain more customers.


It was definitely one Awoof service that got you choosing the network provider you are using. Wasn’t it?

I personally chose Airtel back in 2009 (when it was called Zain) because of Free Browing Tricks. Later along the line, I fell in Love with their midnight call, free data, call rate and please call me and much more.

Someway somehow, all we see now has been deactivation of services. Not only by Airtel but Mtn, Glo and Etisalat.

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For the record, Airtel has deactivated

– Night call
– Please call me
and more……

It is obvious that deactivation of these services is to help them maximise profit. Therefore seeing an Awoof come from any of these telecoms is almost unimaginable.

Concerning free browsing, my friend would say the “Telecoms have gone to employ Indians to help them out”.

If that’s true and as I heard – Indians got good hands in security and cyber stuff, then expect only 1 free browsing cheat out of 100 you see online to be legit.

There are still one or two free browsing tricks though I’ve not been fancied by any of them after we lost our dear SIMPLE SERVER.

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Do you think more services will be deactivated and an awoof be introduced sooner? Let’s hear your opinion in the comments.

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