5 Free Android Apps That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

You’ll quite agree with me that Smartphones are now becoming man’s best friend. (grin). Due to the function and purpose of individual Smartphone apps, there are different types of mobile apps. Ranging from the top Mobile Medical Apps, best Mobile Security Apps top Betting Apps, to the best Smartphone Photo Editor App.


Since there are hundreds and thousands of Apps in the Play Store (with more being added daily), if we’re to list all the best Android apps out there, then this list would be almost unending.

So, we’ve done some picks and gathered 5 of the best types of mobile apps that will definitely make your life easier.

1. Google Assistant [Personal Assistant App]


Google Assistant is a powerful Android tool developed by Google. Though it’s quite similar to other assistant Apps like Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and Samsung Bixby, with the Google-owned artificial personal assistant, you can navigate, communicate, and ask it to do some basic stuff like setting alarm clock, money conversion, finding locations on the map, google search, unit conversion, translation, and a lot more.

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Google Assistant is available on iOS devices and Android smartphones that run Android Marshmallow and later Android versions. | Download Google Assistant on Play Store

2. LastPass [Password Manager App]


LastPass is currently one of the best password management apps out there. The app has the ability to auto-fill logins in apps and browsers and as well secure your login details (most importantly your passwords) for your favourite websites on the internet.

That’s not all; LastPass being a feature-rich password manager is free to download on the Play Store. As a pro user, you get some extra feature that allows you synchronize your passwords and data across all your devices (mobile and desktop). | Download LastPass on Play Store

3. Xender [File Sharing App]


Xender is one of the essential Android apps you ought to install on your device. It saves you from the stress of going around with your USB data cable. With this file sharing App, you can easily receive and transfer files between PC and phones.

Xender works with a PTP technology that allows you to transfer large and small files at unimaginable speed, hundred times faster than Bluetooth. | Download Xender on Play Store

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4. Google Drive [Cloud Storage]


Every wondered what would happen if your Smartphone gets broken or worst, gets lost? You’ll most likely lose all your documents and those cherished photos save on it.

Well, thanks to cloud storage you don’t have to worry about that. Google Drive is a huge cloud storage service that gives you 15 GB of free storage across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos to store files and as well access your files backed up on the cloud for free.

The Google Drive Android app helps you to browse through all the files and folders you saved in your Drive and share, move, download, rename or print any files from the application. Google Drive comes preinstalled on Android devices | Download Google Drive on Play Store

5.  ProtonVPN [Privacy App]


Online security is the far cry of every internet user, but we don’t always seem to get it all the time.

Among various privacy apps, VPNs are most preferably the best. They allow you connect to a virtual network that automatically hides your activities from the actual network.

In the real sense, VPNs let you browse without anyone knowing where you are or what you’re doing. So, if you’re looking for a free VPN that will hide your ass, we’ll recommend ProtonVPN.

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ProtonVPN is a free VPN that boats of encryption, full transparency, and more. Though there are VPNs with more features and higher bandwidth, a number of them usually cost money.
ProtonVPN is great for folks who need to carry out some sensitive tasks that they don’t want their Internet Service Provider (or anyone connected to public WiFi) to see. | Download ProtonVPN on Play Store

… Bonus

6. Sleep as Android


If you need help getting better sleep at night, then you should try Sleep as Android. The app is one of the most popular Android tools for sleepers. It helps measure how often you move in your sleep. Of course, for accurate results, you have to sleep with your phone in the bed. | Download Sleep As Android on Play Store

Did we miss any essential app? Tell us (in the comments below), which Apps have made your life much easier.

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