Find A Nice Restaurant to Eat in Abuja With Chowhub

In the year 2015, an entrepreneur who lives in Abuja started an online food discovery service by name ChowHub.

Currently, ChowHub has registered about 49 restaurants through their platform. On Chowhub, all restaurant owners can pay to have their restaurant available for audience to see.
Looking at the homepage, you should see something different, you can search for any dish, at any location and any restaurant of your choice.

Food outlets under Cuisines include;
Pizza, Nigerian, Beverages, Pastry, Grill, Sea Food, Continental, Yogurt, African, Ice Cream, Dessert, Indian, Chinese, Veggies, Thai, Burger, Alcohol, Salads, Cakes & Bakes, Pasta, Shawarma, Fast Food, Turkish, Smoothies, Waffles, European, Noodles. 
Apart from discovering restaurants, Chowhub also have blog page where they review restaurants in Abuja. I believe that with time, they will surely expand their reach to Lagos and Port Harcourt once they gain traction. Definitely, it will get to the rest of Nigeria.
Why not satisfy your taste today by using Chowhub or if you have a restaurant in Abuja and you want the world to know about it, why not Signup at Chowhub now.
You can contact them on  +2348067421700, +2347038305215
Through email: [email protected]
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