Still Don’t Believe Fake Phones Exists? A Fake Infinix Note 2 Has Just Been Spotted On

I’ve previously talked about our love pranks; the kind of pranks that would scare our pants off and not the ones that involve our hard earned money. Something common was found this week;  a fake Infinix Note 2 for the price of 38,0000 Naira. It’s common to see a fake phone, but seeing it on the Famous is bizarre.


It is believed that the advert was posted by a jiji verified user. Although he is a verified user on Jiji, the phone is not! Rather it is a display of a fake Infinix Note 2 carrying the  title “Infinix Note 2 X600 2G/3G Gold 16GB

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This in no way makes him a scammer. It’s just that for such a price. I would expect an equivalent of my money – an original Note 2.


How did we know the Infinix device was fake?

Judging from the picture uploaded, the phone has Infinix written just below the speaker. Meanwhile, the actual front view of Infinix Note 2 has no Infinix written below the speaker.

I’ll advise you take all these to heart and beware!

There is an article on YomiProf on how you can identify a fake infinix phone even before you buy it. In case you have already bought one, confirm that it’s original HERE

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A lot of individuals and firms are pushing fake devices and gadgets into the market and as the day dawn, many folks keep falling victim of such fake commodity.

To avoid stories for the gods. Take someone who knows stuff about phones with you whenever you want to buy any phone. Whether offline or online.

Have you seen any other fake infinix phone lately? If you have or you’re a victim then share with us through the comment.

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