Facebook Wants To Show You More Of Your Friends And Family’s Post Rather Than Publishers Post

It’s very obvious that our Facebook news feed needs some transformation. Facebook has just revealed that it will be making adjustment to its news feed, the soon coming change will let you see more activities of your friends and family rather than seeing other contents.
This change will come along with some other features like a new chrome extension that will allow you easily share and save to Facebook, and a different look for social plugin buttons.
Within the next few weeks, Facebook’s news feed will bring all post made by your close friends and family to the top. This means that all photos, status updates, videos and links shared by your friend will be prioritized over post from pages you follow.
One thing for sure is that there might be an effect on publishers’ traffic, most especially those publishers who solely rely on their Facebook pages. Before Facebook came to a conclusion, there was an interaction with users.

In a blog post, the Engineering Director at Facebook said,

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“We’ve heard from our community that people are still worried about missing important updates from the friends they care about”

As contained in the feedback, some users made mention of the fact that they are not only concerned about post made by their friends, they also care about entertainment and information. The solution to this is for users to use the already existing ‘See First, Unfollow, Like, and Hide options on friends’, this will help Facebook properly adjust your news feed.

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