Dail This Short Code Now And Tell Etisalat To Stop Disturbing You With Unnecessary Text Messages

In time past, a lot of us had been poked by network providers with some annoying messages that most times ended up being deleted. Well it seems that network providers in Nigeria have turn a new leave after the Nigeria Communication Commission decided to fine any network provider still sending unsolicited sms.
Etisalat has just introduced a service called ‘do-not-disturb’ (DND), it is aimed at enabling customers on the Etisalat network to peacefully opt out from receiving any unnecessary SMS and Calls.
The ‘do-not-disturb’ service on Etisalat uses the same short code 2442 as it is used on all network. Henceforth, subscribers can completely stop receiving sms or call from network providers by sending ‘STOP‘ to 2442. But if you still want to receive special sms from your network provider, you just have to make a request for a partial service.

In order to activate the partial ‘do-not-disturb’, you have to send ‘HELP’ to 2442 and you will get information about all the different types of activation code. Choose your desired classification and send the activation code to 2442 to start receiving your desired class of messages only.
Mr. Ikenna Ikeme being the director of regulatory and corporate social responsibility, Etisalat Nigeria, stressing the company’s compliance with all regulatory directives said;

“Ensuring that ‘do-not-disturb’ service is available on our network is one of the ways in which we continue to improve our services bouquet and enrich customer experience on the Etisalat network.”

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