Telegram Now Allows You Edit Messages After You Have Sent Them

Since no one is above error, you must have once or twice made typographical errors while sending a message to a friend and you just hoped there was a way you could edit messages that you’ve already sent.

Edit Telegram Messages
Here is another update from the communication app, Telegram. This update feature an option where you can edit both individual conversations and messages you send in a conversation.
Whenever you make a mistake in a message, you can quickly amend it by

1. Tapping and holding the massage you want to change.
2. Then press the ‘edit’ option
3. Then make the necessary changes on the message
After submitting, Telegram will add a ‘edited’ label so that everyone can know if the message was edited and updated. You can do this on both mobile and desktop.
Many messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and WeChat all offer an option to delete or recall any message but so far, its only Telegram that allow users to edit an already sent message.
This new update comes along with ability to mention anyone in a group chat, a new search list that lets you search for people faster. Also, there is a better way for you to add bots into conversation.
For you to mention someone, the company says you should add ‘@’ symbol in the chat and then select whoever you want to mention from a menu that will be displayed.

I guess you can now edit any message on Telegram? Don’t forget to check on us tomorrow for more updates!

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