Ear buds that won’t tangle

Zipper Ear buds

Have you been searching for the perfect ear buds for your smartphone? We are glad to tell you that your search has come to an end. The perfect Ear buds that won’t tangle is now available.

The Ear bud comes with a zipper design and comes with the following features:

  1. 4th Generation Patented Zip buds Cabling: Never Tangles
  2. ComfortFit2 Technology: Angled ear bud shape stays in your ear no matter what
  3. Breakthrough “Vertebrae” design ensures lightweight flexibility – 20% lighter than ever before
  4. Precision Tuned: Powerful bass and crystal clear highs suit all music styles
  5. Earbuds that survive your lifestyle: Military-Grade fibers for lasting durability
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It was initially $49.99 but is now much cheaper for a price of $24.95

It has a color variety of Blue, Green, Black, Yellow and a few others

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