Still Wondering What The iPhone 8 Would Look Like? This 5 Seconds Video Tells Us Just 5 Things

While I’ve been surfing the web trying all manner of key words like “What does the iPhone 8 look like“, “Latest Leak on the iPhone 8” and other stuff like this hoping I could get a better glimpse of what the next Apple flagship device would look like.

Boy oh boy!

I ran into this video, a 5 seconds video that gives a kinda impression that some of the specs and rumours we’ve been seeing could actually be true.


You remember the other leak we saw sometime June revealing the Metal frame of iPhone 8?

Well, It’s about time we see some more!

Yeah! It’s time we see in-depth leaks on what the iPhone 8 would look like.

I’ll save all the talk for this 5 seconds video (I bet it’d leave you with 101 questions to ask).

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Watch the YouTube Embedded Video below

So, what’s in this video and what does it tell us?


1. Dual Camera

Going by the caption/title of the video (iPhone 8 Dummy in Black)

The dummy device in the video features dual camera arranged vertically at the back of the phone.

2. Another Dual Camera

Lol… I was like WTF!!

Ohh yeah! It turns out there could be a second dual camera and it would be located at the front of the phone.

Geeks (excluding me) are already smiling in awkward manner cos the for-so-long rumoured Iris scanner could probably sit at that position (the front), just above the display.

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3. Button Positions

In this dummy device, the power button is placed on the right while the mute button and volume rocker are left to occupy the left side.

Not bad at all…

4. But There’s No Sign of Finger Print Scanner

From the video or the picture above, it’s confusing whether to believe some of this leak stars, cos Slashleaks for example, suggested that the fingerprint scanner would be placed at the back, somewhere below the Apple logo, but am not seeing any scanner here.

Or could it be that Apple wants to play Abracadabra on us?

Before you faint…

5. Cross your fingers cos Apple is gonna surprise you

This isn’t Further Maths but there’s so much confusing. Personally, I believe Apple has a couple of design for the iPhone 8, it’s just a matter of time. If the tech giant still continues on their tradition of the time they launch new devices, then the launch date of iPhone 8 remains September.

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Maybe we’ve seen all there is (speaking of the design) or perhaps, we’ve seen nothing?

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts, cos the Number 1 Consumer Commandment Says #WhatSaysThou? If You Break It, The god Of Tech Shall Visit You With Power Bank Problem, Hehe.

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