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It is important for you to understand that today people prefer to store docs, share them/receive them and even check them in the portable file format, which is more commonly known as PDF file!

Now there are many reasons regarding why people prefer exchanging and storing documents in PDF format over other formats of written content, and so in this three-minute article we are going to talk about the reasons and also about the best way in which you can convert word to PDF for free so stay tuned and keep reading this content till the very end!

Why is PDF format more preferred?

First, know that one of the most important and key reasons why PDF files are preferred over other files is that PDF format is a universal file format! This is a type of format that works as an image, and this means that this written document does not change at all no matter on what device and at what time and place you open, you can see and go through the same content and the same formatting even if you use the document on your mobile/smartphone or your desktop system!

You should know that if you are sharing/exchanging Microsoft word format which is usually the format on which docs are written in, and if a person receiving the document does not have Microsoft office installed in his/her computer system then it can be a trouble for them to access the original file!

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Also know that if the receiver and the senders are using different versions of the word, then it can also affect the formatting and the editing of the original document, especially you will see drastic changes in the graphic content in the file! So, you see that using word format can affect the document and the way different people see it in different ways!

Now you should also know that word files are larger in size than the PDF format of them and this is the very reason that they are the more preferred version in storing files as they can consume minimum space and you can keep the same level of content but with lesser space burdening your computer/mobile system! Other than these PDF files are safer and more secure to use as they are non-editable, and this is one big plus! So let us now see how we can convert words to PDF!

How to convert words to PDF?

Well, today, from here onward, you are going to be revealed about the top two ways in which you can simply convert a word to PDF, in the first word to PDF method you don’t need internet or other connections but it is a little bit time-taking process! The other way is a more efficient one but will require you a valid internet connection. So, let us read about further details without any delay!

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Word to PDF conversion manually!

Now all of you have Microsoft offices on their computer system you should know that this method is only for you guys! Open the word file and enable the editing of this file if you have saved it before. Now when you have opened the file, we want you to save it again but in a different location and by selecting a different format. Yes! You can simply change the format of the document while saving it by selecting the document format from the list of all the formats! When you are done with it, you can easily open this file in PDF format and can also share it in the same one! Know that once you have saved the content in Word to PDF format, there is no going back if you want to edit it!

Word to PDF converter by Small SEO Tools!

If you want to convert words to PDF for free and with more speed and efficiency, then this is the best doc to PDF converter tool that you will find on the web these days! Now, as you are going to know that this tool is very much easy to use, and you can easily use it like a pro even if it’s your first time with this kind of online conversion! Below some of the steps are mentioned so that you can follow if you want to know how this word to PDF converter tool works!

  1. Open Small SEO Tools on your browser, you can access it on all your devices!
  2. Look for the word to PDF tool or simply click here https://smallseotools.com/word-to-pdf/
  3. When you enter the tool, you will see a simple text box with word and PDF icons in it, and you will also find an upload icon right below the tool!
  4. Click on the upload button, and you will get access to your document gallery from where you are recommended to upload the word files that are to be converted!
  5. You can also upload files directly from Dropbox and Google drive!
  6. When you are done with the input, you just have to click on the “Convert to PDF” button”, and the tool will take a couple of seconds to convert the document in PDF while keeping its exact formatting!
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